Monday, April 30, 2012

Estate Sale

I went to an estate sale on Friday with my sister. They had a lot of great stuff and I wish I had brought along my camera. Unfortunately, everything was out of my price range except this vintage travel bag. I paid $2 and when I got it home, the handle broke. (sad face)

You ever find something you really love and list it on Ebay for crazy high because you don't really want to sell it? I found these cute animal lithographs at Goodwill and can't seem to part with them. I love the blue eyes on the ferret.

At the Dime and Dollar, I found this Pat Pat Rocket plush book bag. It cost more than I usually spend but there are only a few listed on Ebay. Hopefully, I will get my asking price.

Of course, no shopping trip would be complete without an owl. This is a candle holder.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Like I Need Another One

I sold this on facebook

and bought this at the consignment shop:

I currently have 15 lamps in my house: 5 in the living room, 2 in the dining room, 2 in the closet, 3 in the garage, 1 in Ryker's bedroom, 1 in the basement and 1 in our bedroom. Who the hell needs 15 lamps? Seriously, 5 alone in the living room. Most people don't have that many in their entire house. I need an intervention. Anyone want a lamp?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What 5 Dollars Bought And Other Finds

A vintage table lamp. I can't seem to stop buying these. My living room is starting to look like the lighting section of Home Depot. I love the milk glass shade. I was so happy when the guy told me it was only 5 bucks, that I paid right away without checking to see if it worked. It works but there are exposed wires near the base and near the plug. Are we allowed to sell on Ebay if it has issues? My husband can rewire it but I would rather list it right away. Anyone know?

It looks like my two facebook sales are a bust this week. The one wrote to me and apologized saying she wasn't able to make it. The other one was suppose to be here an hour ago so I basically wasted my whole morning waiting for him. Honestly, just call and cancel. Don't leave me hanging.

Here are some other things I found yesterday, some at the thrift and others at the Goodwill.

Relic handbag. I might keep this. It holds my Kindle nicely. I do have it listed on my facebook group but I doubt anyone will want to pay my price. Everyone there wants garage sale prices.

Two snowy owls. I can't seem to resist owls either.

Birthday Care Bear

and some more plush I found at Goodwill.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orbitz Soda Imagine That!!!

Last month, Sir Thrift A Lot blogged about how he had found an unopened bottle of Orbitz. Orbitz was a non carbonated fruit drink made by Clearly Canadian. It had small edible floating balls in it. It was introduced around 1997 and was shortly discontinued due to lack of sales. There are no plans to remake this drink and it is hard to come by. 

My sister also read the blog and asked me if they sell on Ebay. I checked Terapeak and at the time, single bottles were selling for around $22 a piece. She told me she had 3 unopened bottles and asked me if I would list them for her. I said yes and we agreed to do a 50/50 split after fees were taken out. I listed the 3 bottles as a lot for $75 obo. I pinned it to my Ebay board and immediately got several repins. One repinner pinned it to A Good Laugh board and wrote "I used to love these and brought them to school in my lunch. Now they are $75 on Ebay. Imagine that!" 

WELL IMAGINE THAT!!! They sold last night for my full asking price of $75 to a new buyer in Virginia. And yes, she already paid.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Because I Think...

... it's cool, doesn't necessarily mean it will sell. I should have known this action figure would be a dud since she hadn't sold at the consignment shop and was now 75% off. I bought her thinking I could maybe make $20 profit. I had no clue who she was, so I posted her pic on the ebug proboards page. One of the members told me she was Angela from the Spawn comics. I looked her up on Terapeak and sighed. I then looked her up on Amazon. Another sigh. She did not come in her box but someone had put lights under her stand. (a foam piece that fits under her base) I listed her with a best offer and also put her on my facebook group page. One of my friends thought she was cool and I tried to convince him to buy her, but no dice. To see my listing, click here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cute Little Desk

I bought this little desk last week at the consignment shop for $10 I wanted to replace my larger desk which I thought would sell quickly on Facebook or Craigslist. Unfortunately, I have gotten no interest in it.

Bought this:

to replace this:

It's a nice desk but I wanted a change. I have had it since 2005. It has lived in 3 different houses and now it's time to find a new home. If anyone in my area is interested, shoot me an email at

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting Elyse and Garage Sale Treasures

Yesterday, Sarah took me up to the hospital to meet my first granddaughter, Elyse. She is such a cute baby. Mom and dad are quite proud. (and so is grandma)

After visiting, we went to check out the two garage sales that were close to the hospital. I found these two macrame owls at the first sale and nothing at the second.

I love the burnt orange color on this little guy.

This second one is quite big. He has the cutest eyes. Unfortunately, they both have a musty odor I can't seem to get rid of. Both of these are for sale in my Ebay store. (click picture to see listing)

My sister also gave me 3 bottles of Orbitz soda to sell. I checked Terapeak and in the past two weeks, one bottle has sold for $21.00 I listed all hers in one group. If they do not sell this month, I will try selling them individually.

They make the perfect window decoration.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Yard Sale

Today, I went to my first yard sale of the season. (I'm sure there have been several but this is the first one I got to check out) I had high hopes because when I walked up, I spotted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Unfortunately, it had no figures and was missing the slide and shoe part. It was only a buck so I decided to get it. The lady running the sale said it was free. I asked her if she had the toys for it and she went to her car to look. Nope. She couldn't find any. I think I might still try to sell it on Ebay.

Monday, April 9, 2012

What 5 Dollars Bought

What does 5 dollars buy you besides a Subway foot long? Well, all this of course.

All the clothing is available for sale in my Ebay store. Make me an offer if you see anything you like.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pants, Pants, and More Pants

Last weekend I sold this set of dishes. The e check finally cleared today. (I hate e checks! I want my money now, not in 4 days.) Packing these up was not worth the $9.99 they sold for. The buyer paid for shipping. My hubby bought 3 sets of these dishes for $3 and this is the second set I have sold. We are keeping the last set.

and what did I buy with the $9.99? Why these pants of course and a skirt. The title would not have made sense if I had bought something else, right? I got these at the consignment store for $1 each. I am keeping 4 jeans and selling the rest.

This Tommy Hilfiger skirt fits me and if it doesn't sell I will most likely keep it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I looked at my dashboard and noticed I'm at 100 followers. Yay Me!!! When did that happen?

I found a Little Einstein Pat Pat Rocket on Facebook for sale. I immediately commented on the post asking to purchase it. The seller does not live in Wausau but works here during the week. We agreed to meet at Shopko for pick up. It only came with 2 figures and is missing the green screen. I thought about saving it for Christmas, but the completes looked good, so I listed it tonight with a best offer option. I feel bad because I told the lady it was for my son. I'm really glad some people have not caught the Ebay bug.

My sister took me to Goodwill this afternoon and I found one of those Ms Pac Man t.v. plug in games. I remembered reading somewhere that these were good sellers so I picked it up. I also have best offer on this. And the best part? It only cost .5 cents to list it compared to my usual listing fee of .20 cents.

Sarah found these creepy clown books. They are over sized and came in a carry case. They were on clearance so I thought I would take the gamble.

I didn't get a chance to post my finds from last week so here are some of them.

Owl music box, cute owl mug, owl planter, small big eyed owl, Grumpy Care Bear and a vintage Fisher Price play camera.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodwill Finds

After our birthday lunch, my sister and I went to Goodwill to see what they had. I came across this LV purse and knew it was most likely a fake but I wanted it anyways. The inside lining needs a good cleaning. I paid more than I would have liked to for a used purse but planned on keeping it. Of course I changed my mind, and since it is most likely a replica, I put it for sale on Facebook.

I also found this cute Alice in Wonderland wallet. If it does not sell on Ebay, I plan on using it as a camera case.

I know Jansport is a good seller for book bags, but I'm not sure how well the messenger bags sell. This one is in really good shape, so I took a chance on it.

I already sold this Blues Clues felt book for $21.99 I originally had it set for auction and got a message from a buyer stating how she wished it was a BIN because she wanted to give it as an Easter gift. I had 3 watchers but was happy to add a BIN and she paid right away. The last one to sell on Ebay sold for $19.99 with free shipping. My shipping wasn't free.

The last thing I bought was this vintage key tree. I love how each hook is labeled with what key should go there. The hooks say: Observation Tower, Model T, Strong Box, Dungeon, Wine Cellar and Treasure Chest.

To see other finds go here: