Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thrift Store Finds

I haven't found any Pyrex lately but here are some other things I bought. The Mickey Mouse head is a lunch box. Unfortunately, the thermos with it is not original to the kit. The wooden trinket box has the Serenity prayer inscribed on it. These are all for sale including the tiki mugs.

I found a Neil the frog cookie jar at Goodwill a few weeks after purchasing one on Ebay. A few days later, I found the ceramic canisters.

I paid way to much for the elf but I had to have him. This is the first time I have seen a big one in person.

I love these Little Golden Books. They look brand new. The little jewelry box, owl, bowl and cruets are listed on Ebay.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Estate Sale Finds

I walked about a mile Friday to an estate sale. I was hoping to avoid a crowd so I got there an hour after they opened. I still had to sign in. I was number 93 and had to wait maybe 10 - 15 minutes. While I was in line, I saw a friend leaving and he was empty handed. He said all the good stuff was gone.

I managed to find 3 things: a glass door bookcase, a Cotsco step stool and a tiki vase.

Since I had walked, I had to go back with my sister to get the bookcase. We then went to another estate sale where we didn't get anything. After that, we went to the Dime and Dollar where I found a Woodland small Pyrex casserole dish.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thrift Finds

Some things I found out thrifting.


Deer. I found the big one Monday and then the smaller yesterday.

Ketchup and mustard holder. Goodwill sold the bottles separate from the table. I didn't see the bottles at first and on the second look through, I saw them at the end of the aisle and went back and grabbed the table.

Vintage stuffed animals which are listed on ebay