Monday, September 23, 2013

Half Price Sale At The Thrift

Last Thursday through Saturday, my local thrift store had their half off price sale. They have been running this sale every other month. About a month and a half ago, I noticed a Schwinn bike there. I really wanted it but did not want to pay the full asking price. So I patiently awaited the day they would do half off. I checked every time I went there to make sure the bike was still there. My plan was to go right away when they opened and snatch the bike. The day arrived and unfortunately when the store opened, it was raining. I did not feel like going in the rain and figured if the bike wasn't there in the afternoon, then it wasn't to be. Two hours after the store opened, I was pedaling away on my new bike.

I also bought this decoration for my kitchen. I posted it on my fb garage sale group but so far no interest.

On Friday, I went back and bought some tape stories. Since there are a lot of teachers on my fb garage sale group, I thought for sure these would sell quickly. Nope. I have 20 different stories and I will probably end up posting them as a lot on Ebay.

I got some clothes for Ryker and Robbie but really did not find much for resale. They don't have much for toys and most of their plush is beanie babies. Oh well maybe next time.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Treasure Sale

This pass weekend was the annual treasure sale hosted by a church in my city. I was a little disappointed to find out when I got there, they were no longer allowing people to bring in bags. Last year, I used my bags to hold my stuff before checking out. As a result, I wasn't able to look at a lot of things because my hands were full and this made looking through the boxes of plush difficult. Anyways, here is what I ended up getting. The Buzz Lightyear was purchased at Goodwill.

I did decide to keep the two wide eyed pictures. They don't have hangers so I will have to find some that work.

The black cat meows and tries to shake the mice off his back. It's actually quite funny.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Selling On Bonanza

Today, I made my 25th sale on Bonanza. Wait. What? You've never heard on Bonanza? Bonanza is an online selling site much like Ebay. But there are no auctions, only Buy It Now. Plus there are no listing fees on Bonanza. You pay only when your item sells. The final selling fees are also cheaper than Ebay. The only downside, most people have never heard of Bonanza. Those 25 sales I had, those are over the course of 3 years. Yes, 3 years.(I did quit selling for about 8 months because traffic was so slow but I started up again maybe 2 weeks ago?) I know some sellers do better over there but I have yet to get my booth out there in internet land. 

Setting up a booth is quite easy. In fact, if you are already selling on Ebay, Bonanza will import all your listings over to their site for free. You just have to really pay attention when you are cross selling, so you do not sell the same thing on both sites. Once the listings are imported, you can make changes or choose what items you want to sell on Bonanza. 

Another downside is once you sell your item, you have to go to another site to print your label. There isn't an option to print from Bonanza like you can on Ebay. You can choose to print on Paypal but as I found out tonight, the regional boxes are not a choice there. (or at least I could not find it) I ended up over on the USPS website to print from there.

You can also import your feedback numbers from Ebay onto Bonanza. I don't think feedback has much as an impact on Bonanza as it does on Ebay. In fact, most people don't leave feedback. Of those 25, I think only 4 left feedback. 

So are you ready to make the plunge and start selling on Bonanza? You can find the site here.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thrifting Finds

I didn't find a lot of stuff this week but I did get a good deal on this toy storage organizer. I'm keeping this for Ryker. We already sorted all his smalls into it.

I found this cute little guy at the thrift store along with some smalls. Not big money makers but since I have the free 25,000 listings, I might as well use them.

I found this french fryer slicer as well

Yesterday I was researching Carter's plush to see which stuffies were selling for big money. I found this giraffe at Goodwill.

I also found this cute pirate and this amazing monkey puppet.

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