Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 Finds of 2011

I have found alot of good stuff this year. Most of it, I have sold on Ebay for a nice profit. Other stuff I have kept for myself. Here are my top 10 finds this year.


These are usually good sellers on Ebay. I found them for a dollar a piece and listed them. They sold for $75 and then I got a message from the buyer stating her boss had changed their colors for their party and she no longer needed them. I still have them listed and right now they are in my living room holding some books. They are flat and stack nicely.


This is not my favorite pattern, spring blossom, but for $11 I had to purchase them. They are also for sale.


My dad had one of these when we were growing up. I found it for $3. It is the perfect chair for Ryker at the table.


I found this at the consignment shop. It was on sale for $12. Ryker broke the shade and replacing that set me back another $18


I found this at the consignment shop as well. It cost $50. I love the homemade fireplace base.


This came from Goodwill. It was more than I usually spend at $15 but I really wanted a countdown to Christmas and new ones cost $30


I originally bought these to keep for myself. I paid $3 each. The dark brown one I sold on Ebay for $100. Unfortunately, it broke on its way to California. The other one is in my store for local pick up only.


I found this at Goodwill for only $5. I had store credit so I paid $2.10 I like that it is also a toy box.


This came from my favorite thrift store before it moved. I paid $15 for it. Now to just find the matching chairs.


My most expensive purchase this year at $125. These are around $300 new and this is only missing the light. I got this at the consignment shop.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Look What 5 Bucks Got!

Actually I only paid $2.10 because I had store credit. I found this at Goodwill and thought for sure it would be priced around $15 or so and I was happy to see the 5 dollar price tag. It is 24 inches long by 16 wide by 15 inches tall.

felt board side

abc abacus

close up of abc abacus

shape maze

dry erase side

The top comes off and can be used as a toy box. I put all his Little People in there. I'm so glad my sister took me today. As I was paying for it, another customer commented on how neat it was. Another said I got it for a great price.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ebay Win

I won this on Ebay today. It is a Christmas gift to myself. My hubby sucks at giving gifts. I got a new vacuum which I love but then as a family gift, he bought us a new toilet! Who the hell gives someone a toilet for Christmas? Talk about a crappy gift. He installed it while the kids and I were at my parents on Christmas Eve.

Isn't it wonderful? The listing says it is 19 inches wide by 29 inches long. I have the perfect spot in my living room for it. I really hope it is well packed and the post office does not ruin it. I can't wait until it comes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Importance Of Insurance

I'm sure by now all of you have seen the video of the Fed Ex courier throwing the computer monitor over the fence. As a result, the buyer's item was damaged.

As a seller, I am horrified that this happened. I pay good money for a service and expect my item to arrive in one piece. Unfortunately, not all the bubble wrap in the world can protect your item if the mailman simply does not care. For this reason you need to protect yourself with the purchase of insurance. This way if your item is damaged in transit, you or your buyer are not out of money.

Purchasing insurance through the post office can be quite pricey and does not cover the cost of shipping. Therefore, I insure my items through Ship Savers. You can find this right in Ebay under applications. My friend Jessica wrote a post on this topic. You can read it here.

If you do have to file a claim, it is relatively simple and you can get your money in less than a week. Remember my beautiful owl lamps? I sold the one on the left back in November.

I shipped it all the way to California. I'm in Wisconsin. I foam wrapped each individual owl, then bubble wrapped each one and then bubble wrapped the whole lamp. It looked like a mummy. I was pretty confident this would make it on its journey in one piece. The package weighed 26 pounds so I wasn't worried about anyone throwing it over a fence. Unfortunately, since it was so heavy, I believe along the way some careless, lazy person just pushed it off their truck. Here is how it arrived at my buyer's house.

Looking at those pictures makes me sick to my stomach. I feel sorry for the buyer and upset that my favorite lamp was handled so recklessly. Luckily I had a cooperative buyer and the insurance settled quickly. I did receive positive feedback with a simple thanks. I'm glad my item was insured.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Awesomeness

My sister and I went to some thrift stores on Friday. We thought we would check out the new Randalin Homes store and see if their prices were any lower. Nope. In fact they were higher than Goodwill. Not sure what they are thinking but I'm pretty positive they won't stay in business very long. People go to thrifts looking for bargains. Perhaps they should change their store to an antique shop.

At Bethesda, I found some books for Ryker, a Santa cup and a Dex heartbeat bear which I have already sold on Ebay. The buyer hasn't paid yet and has a feedback score of 1 so I'm wondering if she will pay.

I found the Christmas stuff at the old Randalin store. Most of their stuff is not marked and if you flash a smile at the cashier, he will give you a good deal, unlike their higher end second store. I offered him $8 for all my stuff and he said "I was thinking $3". Ummm you're suppose to go up not down. So I paid less than what I thought I would.

At the last shop they had the entire store 50% off except for items in the display case. I got the two gold ball ornaments, a play phone and a small wooden truck for Ryker. I paid $1.06

Here is a picture of one of my decorated shelves. I have to keep everything out of Ryker's reach.

I think my santa? looks cute on my Christmas tree stand. I wish he worked but one of the springs for the battery is missing.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WTF Tuesday

Snow men should be made of snow Not bushes
found at Bethesda

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Monday, December 12, 2011

More Pyrex Love And Counting Down To Christmas

Apparently I am collecting Spring Blossom. I found a whole set of the Cinderella bowls at Goodwill today.  The small bowl was $1.49 next was $1.99 then $2.99 and the last was $3.99 With tax a little over $11 for the set. Not a bad price at all but Spring Blossom is not my favorite pattern. (so wish I could find Snowflake or Pink Daisy) I may end up selling these separately on Ebay.

I almost gave myself a heart attack when setting up the above picture. I turned away to get my camera and (gasp) the bowls fell off of each other and the two smaller ones came crashing to the ground. I thought for sure they had broke, but not a single chip. How unbelievably lucky is that?

I have been looking all season for some sort of countdown calendar and came across this little house. I instantly fell in love. Then I saw the price tag. OMG $14.99 and its missing a door handle and two sticks off the roof. I debated for a few minutes, thought about putting the Pyrex back and then my sister said "can you afford both? You know you are going to regret it if you don't get it" (not exact words but close enough). I had some good sales this weekend, including selling one Pyrex bowl for $17.99, so I decided I could afford it. Similar ones retail for $29.99 so I guess I got a bargain. Brian was a Christmas ornament but I dropped him and his hangar broke. (I have had him for several years)

I also found these cute little stockings to hang on my fake mantle.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thrifty Christmas Tree

I walked over to the consignment shop on Thursday and found a one of a kind Christmas Tree. It seemed a little pricey at $50 but then I thought real ones are about $25 so it really isn't that bad of an investment. We should be able to enjoy the tree for years to come. It's in pretty good condition. I returned Friday morning to purchase it. I asked the clerk if the stand was homemade. She said yes a little old man came in with it and said he wanted a smaller tree. I can just imagine all the Christmas's this tree has spent bringing joy to that little old man and his family.

Isn't this mantle piece the cutest? It has lights that flicker to make it look like flames.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodwill Scores

I've been searching my Goodwills for Pyrex without much luck. Last week, I had found the yellow and green primary colors mixing bowls and left them there. Of course when I went back to get them, they were gone. So now my new rule is grab them when you find them. I have noticed the GW in Rib Mountain prices theirs a few bucks cheaper than the one in Westen. Today I found the 403 green primary mixing bowl for $2.99

Found a vintage balance scale last Friday along with a pair of Buzz Lightyear shoes, a Little People's construction set and some magnetic people from The First Years. I'm only selling the scale. The rest is for Ryker.

Mickey Mouse Music box plays Jingle Bell Rock. When the cashier rang it up, it said $12.99 I was like "What? How much is that?" She said $2.99 and I said it rang up for $12.99 She fixed it and said I'm glad you caught that. Yeah, I was too.

And the week would not be complete without some owls.