Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Some Finds

I found two book cases this past week. Not that I needed them but the price was to good to pass up.

The first one is pressed wood but I have a matching one so I felt I needed to get this one. It is missing the top glass though.

The second one is vintage with sliding glass doors. It came from Goodwill and I was surprised the price was so low.

Ive always wanted a hand. Don't ask me why. I got this awhile ago along with the owl ring.

This child's jewelry box is for sale in my eBay store. I thought it was cute.

A few days ago, I picked up these flower frogs. I really like the cage looking ones. I found the elf on a pillow in a bargain bag. I was surprised because the thrift store usually has these under their glass counter.

And of course, another set of Pyrex. These look like they have never been used.