Saturday, March 30, 2013

VTG Magazine Rack

On Thursday, I walked over to the thrift store by my house. I didn't have much time so I quickly looked around, picked up some glasses and two vintage clutch purses. On my way out the door, I noticed a vintage magazine rack. I decided I would come back the next day and if it was still there, I would pick it up. I went back yesterday and bought it.

I thought there would be some good ideas on Pinterest as to what I could use it for, but I didn't find any. So for now, it is holding Ryker's books.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I am not an auction type of seller. Most of my auctions end in only one bid and I hardly ever get a bidding war. However, Ebay had one of their special listing promotions where you could list up to 500 items at auction or fixed price for free so I decided to clearance out some of my shelf sitters. I posted 149 auctions and only 13 sold. So much for cleaning out my inventory. I was going to take whatever did not sell to the consignment shop but I found out they do not take plush.

Here is what sold and how much I gave it away for. All of these items were bought with other things and have basically been paid for so whatever I got was profit and I wasn't losing any money.

Dairy Queen Meal toy $1.99

Youngrowth Pink Teddy Bear $1.99

Webkinz King Charles $4.24 (3 bids)

Ozzy Osbourne pins $2.25 (2 bids)

Poison pin $1.99

Peter Rabbit Book  $4.79 (9 bids)

The Cow Went Over The Mountain $1.29 (2 bids)

Sally Stewardess Book $1.04 (2 bids)

8" Laugh A Lot Care Bear $3.46 (3 bids)

Laugh A Lot Care Bear Puppet $1.99

The last 3 have not paid yet.

Milwaukee Bucks Bean Bear .99

These two giraffes were won by the same person

Dakin 8" for .99

and Younkers 13" giraffe for .99

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy

What has got me so happy? Well it sold. It sold Yeah baby! It sold! Happy dance. Fist pump. What the heck am I talking about? Remember about two weeks ago I wrote a blog about my Burberry Bear and how a member of a certain FB group said I would be lucky to get $23 for it? I may not know a thing about tiki mugs or Hawaiian shirts, but I know my plush. $59.99 Yeah that's right. You read it correctly $59.99 paid for and waiting to be shipped out. So Mister Know it all, check Terapeak all you want. As for me, I'm going to go with my knowledge and instincts. Thank you very much.

To view the listing, click here

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vintage Carpet Bags

Ever since I read Vintage Coconuts blog about her awesome find, I have been obsessed with scoring a carpet bag of my own. I searched the thrift stores and Goodwill with no luck. My sister told me the antique store was selling a few but the lowest was $60 and way out of my price range. Instead of praying to the thrifting gods and hoping to find one local, I decided to search Ebay. I normally do not buy off Ebay because of the inflated prices but I was able to score not one, but 2 carpet bags for far less than the one at the antique shop.

The first one was a BIN with only a day left. I really loved it but wanted to see what else was out there. The second one I loved was at auction with two days left. I was afraid I would not win the auction, so I bought the first one.

Have you ever seen the Miche purses? They have a shell and interchangeable covers. You can get a different look without buying more than one purse by simply changing shells. This one is a vintage version of that. It doesn't have a brand anywhere on it. You can unsnap the carpet cover, flip it over and snap in the black vinyl side. You could also leave the cover off for the black cloth side.

with carpet cover

with black vinyl

with cloth side

I am totally in love with this purse and it is just the right size.

I ended up winning the auction on purse #2 plus it had free shipping. I had measured my wallet before placing my bid to make sure it fit. I got the purse yesterday, and didn't take into account that is gets smaller near the top and my wallet is too big. I love the colors on this bag and only wish it was as large as the first bag. The chain was also a selling point for me. I may end up reselling it on Ebay if I do not find a smaller wallet.

I'm afraid I'm going to be starting a carpet purse collection as I am currently bidding on another purse. If I win this one, all 3 of them will still have cost me less than the one at the shop. If I win that purse, I will post an update with the picture. Wish me luck because I really need want it.

UPDATE: I won the other auction. Here is the seller's picture of the purse.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I don't know if travel bar kits are good sellers because prices are all over the board on Ebay but I saw one set awhile ago on Thriftcore's blog and thought they were pretty cool. I don't drink so I would have no use for them but I think they would look neat in a man cave.

The first set I found at the thrift store by my house. It was over priced and I wasn't going to get it because the strap to hold the bottles was missing. I didn't find anything else to buy so I went ahead and purchased it.

A few days later, I went to Goodwill and saw another case. I opened it up and sure enough it was a Travel Bar set. Surprisingly, this set was a lot cheaper than the one I found at the thrift store. It does, however, have a dent in the case but all the straps are there.

If you need one of these for a conversation piece for your bar, shoot me an offer. You can find them listed here on Ebay

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burberry Bear

A few weeks ago, I purchased a bag full of books and stuffed animals off of Craigslist. One of the animals I found was a Burberry Check Plaid teddy bear. This was a gift item that one got when buying $25 worth of perfume.

I checked out Ebay to see what they were selling for. I could only find one other listed in this pattern for $159 or Best Offer. I then checked complete listings. The highest sold at that time was $49 and this was after Christmas so I knew the time of year did not affect sales. Others sold between $25 to $32 Since I could only find the one listed on Ebay for $159, I decided I would list mine for around $75 but first I thought I would see what members of a certain FB group would price it at.

After a few minutes, one member replied I would not get more than $20 for it. He sited the fact that on Terapeak, the average selling price was $23 and that there were quite a few listed. I told him I only found one other listed in this pattern. He managed to find two other listings that were auctions and both listings did not have specific keywords such as check plaid. Those listings ended for less than $15 but I believe had they wrote check plaid in their title, they would have at least doubled their ending price.

Anyways, I decided to price it at $74.99 I had quite a few watchers but no offers. There was 5 days left to the listing and Ebay was running their free listing promotion, so I ended the listing early and re listed it at $59.99 There are a few others listed around my price range so hopefully I can get a sale. I would love to sell this for at least $50 just so I can shove it in the fb groups face, although after this pass weekend I left the group and can not do so. There is a way to give advice without being condescending and apparently this group does not know how to do it.

If anyone wants to see my listing, click here

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hawaiian Shirt

Yesterday I was at Goodwill with my sister when I noticed her looking through the men's shirts. She was pulling out the Hawaiian ones and looking at the tags. She doesn't resell and was looking to buy for herself. There is a group on FB that talks about Hawaiian shirts and tiki mugs all the time so I knew there was money to be made if I found the right one.

My sister walked up to me and said "Why can't these Hawaiian shirts actually be made in Hawaii?' I pulled one out, looked at the tag and said "This one is." It is by Royal Creations.

She asked me if I was going to buy it. It was $6.99 I told her if she wanted it and it fit her she could buy it. She tried it on and it fit her. She kept asking if I was sure I didn't want it. I told her I could probably make some money off of it but it wasn't a big deal. She felt bad and let me purchase it.

I looked it up on Ebay. Prices were all over the board ranging from $49.99 to $7.99 So how do I know if I have a $50 shirt verses a $8 shirt? I asked over on the FB group for help. I asked for keywords, pricing and how to determine if it was a men's or lady's shirt. I got one response telling me it was a men's shirt if the buttons were on the right side. The second response I got was " Based on what you learned here, what would you price it at?" Ok not helpful at all. I figured if they didn't want to help, I would figure it out myself. I message the person with the second response and he replied "We're not going to do the work for you". Ummm, I wasn't asking anyone to do the work for me. I just wanted some key words to help me sell the item for the most money.

So now dear readers, I turn to you. What would you price this shirt at? Is it a $8 shirt or is it a $50 shirt?  I have no idea but maybe someone does who won't be rude about it. Thanks for any help.