Friday, November 6, 2020

Computer Desk

 I walked over to the thrift store I volunteer at yesterday. They had this ladder desk shelf I wanted but I didn't have a way to get it home. I asked the manager if I could borrow one of the furniture carts. She said yes and I got the shelf home. However, when I went to return the cart, the wheel fell off and rolled into 1st Ave. I got the wheel back and couldn't fix it because the nut for the bolt was gone. I took the cart back and Alice was understanding. I did find the nut on my way back home so it must have fallen off when I was bringing the desk to my house. I returned the nut and hopefully they can get the wheel back on.

I've been searching online for this desk because I'm wondering what the bar on the back is for and if it is missing a shelf. I haven't had any luck. Any ideas? Also, I can't really figure out where my computer should sit. Right now it's on a glass shelf and there is another shelf that pulls out for the keyboard but it doesn't look quite right. What do you think?