Saturday, September 29, 2012

Owl Finds

I walked over to The Dime and Dollar today and found this:

I almost walked by him but happened to look up and there he was on the top shelf with other cookie jars. This thrift store is known for its over priced stuff so I was surprised to see a price tag of only $10. I had to find a lady to get it down for me. and I was happy to see it was in pretty much mint condition. There is some minor paint loss under the head and bottom but no cracks or nicks. Apparently the market for owl collectibles has declined in recent months as I see these don't go as high as the use to. I may keep him for myself.

There was also a huge hoarder sale. I didn't get to go by my hubby did and came back with this:

He is almost 2 feet tall not including the lamp part. He only paid $1 for it because it was cracked and repaired. I'm not going to try to sell this on Ebay because of all it's issues and plan on having Bill remove all the lamp stuff from it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The H Word

Ebay has turned me into a hoarder. You don't believe me? Well, I have proof. My inventory has spilled all over my house. I'm running out of room to place it. And to make matters worse, we will be moving into a smaller house soon. What am I to do? I could start a burn pile but that isn't very helpful now is it?

The worse area has to be the basement. Since I don't see it that often, it gets the most neglect. However, since it smells musty down there, I can only store a small amount of inventory.

The Christmas tree, candles and weight stuff are not for sale but everything else is.

I only have one closet available. Since my hubby smokes in the back bedroom, I do not use that closet. This closet is off my living room and it also has a door in the back for the other bedroom. Behind the black curtain on the right is 6 shelves of inventory.

I also use the shelves in Ryker's room.

The cupboards in my kitchen along with the curio cabinet are over flowing.

My living room has been infected. The basket and container by the desk are items I need to list on Ebay. I got about four 18 gallon containers and two 32 gallon containers from a friend who got them from a storage locker but doesn't sell toys or plush. Pretty much all the stuff on my desk, except the computer, is for sale.

I almost forgot about the crawl space where I store my supplies.

Don't forget to look for me on the next episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive. (just kidding)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks For The Negative You Horrible Ebayer!

I got my first negative the other day and let me tell you, I was/am pissed! and what was it for? A freakin $12.99 outfit I would have refunded had the buyer returned it to me. Here was her message received on Sept 4 "I would like a refund, on this item, the item had more stains than said, and for twelve dollars, it should have been new. I am not pleased with the item at all."

Yeah Looks faded and stained to me and how did I miss all those holes??

This was my response sent 5 minutes after "Hi I'm sorry. I must have missed the stains. Where were they located? I looked at the pictures in the listing and did not see any. Please return within 5 days to Becky xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx St  xxxxxx WI xxxxx  Thank you."

I did not get a response nor did I get a return. Imagine my surprise when listing 5 days later, I saw my feedback percentage change from 100% to 99.7%  I went to the feedback profile and found this "the outfit was not worth 12.00 it was faded, had holes and stains,not worth it." (Lies, lies, lies and more lies. First the outfit cost $12.99 and had free shipping, was not faded nor did it have stains or holes)

I replied to the feedback with "Offered Full Refund Upon Return Refused To Send Back Neg Was Not Necessary." I then sent her a message "I asked you to return the outfit for a refund. Was there really a need to leave a negative."

This is what I wanted to say: "Hey bitch thanks for the negative and ruining my feedback score. All over $12.99? I blocked your sorry ass and I hope karma bites you in it." If only we could say what we think.

I called Ebay and pleaded my case. They would not remove the negative because it did not meet their criteria.  So a buyer can lie about an item and there are no consequences for it? They told me I could message the buyer and ask for her to revise her feedback. Are you f'ing kidding me?? She obviously wanted the item for free and got pissed when I would not refund without a return. I would rather gargle glass than beg a cheap asshole for a feedback revision. So not worth my time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What I Got

I sold this on Facebook:

and bought this for Ryker

After reading how well Jessica from The Resale Thrifter did with her Miche Shells, I decided to take the plunge. The consignment shop by my house had 6 shells for sale. They were priced from $10 - $16 Way to much for my comfort but I knew in two months, they would be marked down 75% So I waited and waited. First markdown 20% They were still there. Second mark down 50% Not too bad but I waited. Finally the day came 75%. I got there shortly after the store opened and bought them all.

Then I found three more shells on Facebook. (two of the Hope shells and one other)

I've had them listed for a few days now with no watchers. I was hoping they would be a fast flip but I can wait.