Sunday, August 19, 2018

Four Months and A Day

My mom passed away August 13, exactly 4 months and a day from my dad's passing. She took the loss of my dad very hard. Her last month, she simply gave up. They had 50 wonderful years of marriage and the thought of going one more year without her beloved, was too much to bear. Although it isn't the official cause, I believe she died of a broken heart.

My dad had a passion for life. He was thankful for everyday he had on this earth. My mom, on the other hand, felt she had become a burden to others.  She had been staying in assisted living since the end of March and fell into a sadness. The bright spot of her week was when I brought my father to visit her. This is the last picture of them together.

After he had passed, she would ask me why he no longer came to see her. It broke my heart to remind her that he was with God and that she had gone to his funeral. She would look at me and then with a sorrow in her voice would say "oh yes, I remember."

We said our final goodbyes to her on Friday. She is entombed next to my dad and has now joined him with our Heavenly Father.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Would You Have Bought It?

I have been looking for something to store my winter blankets in. I wanted a chest or a trunk. I found both. Now I'm not sure if I should keep both or sell one.

On Saturday, I found a trunk at the thrift store. Unfortunately, someone painted it a baby poop brown. I don't see these often, so I bought it. It was marked $39.99 but with my 25% discount, it came to a little over $32 with tax. I want to see if I can get someone to repaint it white.

Today, I went to Goodwill and sitting in the furniture section was a Lane cedar chest. My husband thought it was too much at $49.99 I remember years ago buying one new for over $100 and it wasn't a Lane chest. It's a little scratched up on top and missing the key but in otherwise good shape.

 So now I have 2 things to store my blankets in. They should all fit in the cedar chest and at this time, I'm storing my childhood toys in the trunk.

Would you have bought either?