Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sold This Bought That

I've had these horses listed on Ebay and my facebook garage sale group for about 3 months. I finally sold them today.

and I bought this.

I have quite the collection of vintage purses. Most of them are listed on Ebay, waiting for the right buyer. I haven't decided if I want to list this one or actually use it. It's a nice size and the perfect shade of baby blue. Maybe I will use it for a little while and then list it when I grow tired of it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ugly Sells

I always hear people say on the fb ebay groups that ugly sells. I haven't bought anything ugly for resell but I am guilty of buying ugly things. Case in point, my purchase from the thrift store this afternoon.

I saw it on Saturday 30 minutes before the shop was to close. I debated about getting it then and ending up purchasing a stuffed animal instead. (which isn't ugly but quite cute)

The thrift store is closed on Sundays, but I couldn't help thinking I should have bought it. I figured it would still be there on Monday morning and if I got there when the store opened, I could purchase it. Unfortunately, it rained all morning and I wasn't able to go. Finally, around noon, it had dried up enough to walk over there. I thought surely someone had snatched it up but there it was sitting in all it's orange glory.

Ryker tested. Ryker approved.

It also rocks and matches my ugly couch.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Finds

Some finds from last week

I found this Boy Scouts Camp mess kit at the thrift store by my house. I was surprised by the price because they normally jack up anything they think may have value. They had it in the toy aisle so I guess they didn't know what it was.

I also bought ten porcelain dolls off a FB garage sale group. I haven't listed many dolls before so this will be a learning experience for me.

If you see anything you like, email me or check out my store on Ebay here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Some Finds

I haven't posted my finds in awhile, so here they are. The beginning of this month, the thrift store by my house had their store 50% off. I didn't find a whole lot but some good things.

I couldn't resist the troll dolls. Maybe it's just me, I'm sure it's just me, but I think they are cute.

Fisher Price play canteen

TMNT Pillow

A vintage makeup case

This cool lamp

and this Lion King child size suitcase

A few Mickey Mouse blankets

A koala bear

and a bunch of purses

See something you like? Most of these items are available for sale in my store. click here or shoot me an email at