Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ebay Auctions: Maybe Things Are Looking Up

If every weekend on Ebay would go this well, I would be one happy girl. I sold more this weekend, then I did the entire month of June. Unfortunately, price wise, I did not do so well. I sent over 300 items to auction, which ended this weekend. Of those, I sold around 31. 10% sell through rate, I'm not sure if that is good or bad?

Since I did auctions, I priced them low to move them out. The average selling price was around $4 an item. Not much profit but most of the items were going to be donated or sent to consignment. It took me less than 2 hours to pack and label everything so if I think about it, I made around $50 an hour.

I did make some mistakes by sending a few things to auction that I should not have. One is this Tyco Kitty Kitty. It sold for one bid of $19.99 It can easily sell BIN for twice that amount.

The second was a stencil kit by Tupperware. It sold with 2 bids at $20.50 Again this can go for twice, maybe even 3 times that amount.

The last mistake was this Lalaloopsy doll. I'm really not sure what I could have got BIN because prices are all over the place. I meant to start the opening bid at $9.99 but somehow put $4.99 and $9.99 BIN. Some bought it at the BIN price. I'm happy with the $9.99 because she was in the bag to go to consignment and I would not have made that much there.

I did have one auction that surprised me. I bought a bag of trivets and this little mini decoration frying pan was inside. I listed it for $9.99, the same price as the other trivets. This one sold and the others did not. What makes this sale more awesome, is it is being sent to a True Value store in my state.

Ebay is doing another auction special until the 29th. This time they have included fixed price but in only select categories.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are You Gonna Eat Those Tots?

Best find of the weekend: a Napoleon Dynamite t shirt for myself. Not my picture but mine is exactly like this minus the stain.

I also picked up this cool Brownie camera.

I thought this little chest of Bible verses was interesting.

I went back today to see if the cashier saved me the rest of the Fisher Price toys. This is what she had.

The barn with silo and animals:

and some more people and other accessories. These got dumped into Thursdays finds before I could take the photo so some you already saw.

When I was checking out, she told me she also had the airport. Hopefully, I can get something to sell and go back there on Thursday to get it.

I also picked up some Tinker toys for Robert and Ryker

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thrifty Thursday Finds

I was a little sad that I could not go to the 50% off sale Monday and Tuesday because I had no money. I sold something last night and decided I would go today. My favorite cashier works on Thursdays anyways.

When she saw me purchase this Fisher Price airplane, she asked me if I was interested in the doll house. She hadn't put it out yet. I said sure I would look at it. I normally do not pick these up because they do not go for much on Ebay, (thanks to sellers undercutting each other) but this one had furniture and people. She said she still had to go through the box and would try to save me the rest on Tuesday.

I found this pretty cool Christmas light up ball. While I had it in my cart, this little baby kept touching it. I didn't notice it at the time, but she pulled off one of the flowers.

This Strawberry Shortcake blanket was sitting on the toy shelf where a little girl was sitting nearby. At first, I thought it might be hers and then I noticed the price tag.

This hippo is from Old Navy and probably isn't worth listing but I thought he was cute.

I also picked up a brand new box fan for our house, a pretty cool truck for Ryker and some view masters for Robbie. There were a few things I hid that I hope to go back for if I make some more sales. I found a really good hiding spot in the store that seems to work well. (I know, how annoying lol)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So... How Are Those Auctions Working Out For Ya?

Someday I'm going to come to the realization auctions simply do not work for me. I had around 100 auctions ending today and how many bids did I get? One, just one, measly bid. $1.99 plus shipping. Since I downgraded my store this month, (from premium to basic) I only get 150 free listings each month (which really aren't free since you pay $19.95 per month for a store subscription) so I try to take advantage of any free listings Ebay may throw my way.

Their free auction promotion began last Friday and ends tomorrow night. You can list 1000 auctions a day for 7 days.  I started my auctions at 5 day listings which ended tonight. I relisted them for another 10 days. (to get the most of the listing time) Do I think they will sell? Probably not but I'm hoping most buyers will use the BIN price. I need to catch a break sooner or later right?

Want to check out my auctions? click here

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thrifty Finds

We went to Goodwill on Monday and there was this couple that were obviously resellers. They would grab something off the shelf and then look it up on their phones. It didn't bother me too much but since I don't have a phone, I wondered if what I put in my cart was already picked and researched by them? For example, this child's plate set. It looked like the couple were purchasing items that were new in the box so I wondered why they skipped this? I searched all over Ebay and haven't found any like this. It was made in 1987. The box says Top Gun F 14 child's plastic server.

I thought the Rock and Roll Mickey was a good seller so I picked him up. Maybe around Christmas, he will fetch a higher price?

I bought this Little Tikes doll house because it looked like there was furniture inside. They had a bunch of tape on it and I should have removed it to see what was inside. When I got to the car, it was pretty much junk but it did have one Little Tikes grandma doll. Ryker claimed this since it doesn't go for much.

Some of these Carter's dolls can go for big $$$. Unfortunately, this one does not.

I only found one other of these listed so I'm not sure it that is a good thing or not. There is nothing on Amazon either that I could find. It is by Little Tikes.

At St. Vinnies, I found a vintage Fisher Price fire truck, a Stewie doll and a My Banky pink cat.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scary Puppy and Some Other Finds

The other day I posted about hiding a few things at the thrift store in the hopes of going back for them. This is one of the items I hid. A puppy nodder from Japan.

I didn't hide this. I like these spinner cups and have sold a few so maybe this one will sell too.

These vintage shot glasses are not worth much but I added them to my Etsy shop to get more items there. When my vintage items expire on Ebay, I will list them on Etsy. I wish I knew how to get more traffic to my shop.

These elves are not worth much but I thought they were cute. I listed them on Etsy as well. This was my attempt of making an artsy picture for Etsy.

I try to list my finds on Ebay right away and then put them in my Ebay room. Unfortunately, I waited too long to list these (I found 3) and Ryker managed to spill pizza roll fillings on the back of each card. ~sigh~

When I purchased this, the clerk asked me if it was for a pet. (It clearly says in the warning baby but whatever) I had to explain it was a seat to help your baby sit up. She then looked at me weird but didn't say anything else. I wasn't trying to be artsy for this photo. It was too big for my photo cube and you could see the unpainted sides of the cube so I cropped that out.

I love finding vintage Fisher Price toys. I'm hoping this sells soon. It is missing some instruments and the drum strap is gone.

and one last thing. I know nothing about these but I got them for a steal. I have not listed them yet so if anyone knows what a good price is, let me know. Thanks

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slim Pickings

I sold some pants last night on fb, so I took my couple of dollars and went over to the thrift store. I picked up a few dollar items that I could easily flip for $10 and then I saw this. I almost knocked over the old man standing in front of it. (I'm just kidding. I waited until he moved but I was screaming in my head, get out of the way, get out of the way, I want that!) I put the dollar items back.

What was this item I was willing to knock over an old man for? A medi-rub massager 2000 plus. I read in a Ebay Face Book group these can sell for good money.

I also found a vintage number stamp but when I got it home, I noticed the handle was broken. I'm not sure how I managed to miss that. Hopefully, I can get some more sales so I can go back and get this wooden bobble puppy I hid and an electric shaver for Robbie (also hidden) Ha, don't you love when people hide stuff to come back later for it?