Saturday, May 28, 2011

every girl needs a doll house

When I was little, I wanted a doll house for my sea wees. My parents could not afford to buy us one, so my dad decided to make one. He found directions to build a country farm house. It had 3 stories and 8 rooms plus a porch. Off to the side of a porch was another two floor addition. The front part of the house had a hinged roof so you could open it to play in the one room.The room underneath was a little harder to play in. There was no staircase but overall it was ok. The first floor had the living room and kitchen. The next floor consisted of a bedroom and bathroom. The last floor or attic was two bedrooms. It was painted white. I used some left over carpeting and made most of my furniture. My sea wees had a sweet little pad. I always wanted to keep that doll house for my own daughters but I only ended up having boys. I believe my sister still has that house but the last time I saw it, it was pretty run down. Looked like a ghetto house from the hood.

As much as I loved that doll house, I was always envious of my cousin who had a plastic house from the store. She always got new Barbies every year as well. The other day I was shopping in my favorite thrift store and came across this:

A Fisher Price Play Family House from 1969. Of course it has no furniture and some of the decals are falling off. The door bell still works though. It's not into bad of shape. I am way to old to be playing with doll houses and like I said I have no girls, so up on Ebay it went

While I was rummaging around, I found another item from my childhood. This Fisher Price Play School House. If only I had this as a child, my sea wees would not have grown up illiterate.

Again another find for my ebay store.

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