Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Final Mar 17 - Mar 23

I sold a few items on Facebook this week. You can read about that here. I also sold a second purse for $20 and a safety gate for $3.

I had 8 sales on Ebay. One has not paid yet but that auction just ended a few hours ago and the buyer is from Australia so I don't expect payment until tomorrow.




I found this lighted globe at Bethesda. It does not rotate (I think it was suppose to) but it changes colors. It sold for $23.99


I got this game free. I had no idea what to price it at. It wasn't in great shape and the box smelled musty. I added free shipping and it sold for $26.99 Shipping cost me $13.02

I bought this school house in a box of toys for $5 It sold for $14.99

I love this owl. I found him at Goodwill for $4.99 If he didn't sell, I was going to spray paint him all white. He is huge. about 11 inches tall and 7 pounds. He is on his way to Canada. Sold for $22.50 The buyer paid over $40 for shipping. I hope he arrives safely. He is insured.

These were Ryker's but he would not build with them and would throw them instead. Sold for $19.99

I thought I could make at least $10 on this tool set. I had it listed before at $14.99 with free shipping but it never sold. I relisted it for $7.99 at auction and took off the free shipping.

This Ugly doll sold for $7.99 also. I washed him before shipping him and he got all fuzzy. I hope it is not an issue with the buyer.

This doll was new in the box. I had her listed before at $14.99 with free shipping and it did not sell. I took off the free shipping and it sold for $9.99 (from the store, they are $15)

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