Monday, March 26, 2012

Ryker's New Ride

I sold this skirt on Ebay ($10)

and this bench ($5)

and side table on Facebook. ($5)

and bought this stroller from a friend for $20

It has plenty of storage

and even has a sound system where you can plug your ipod into.

Check out the speakers and the cup holder.

Very good deal for $20. I feel like I robbed my friend though.


  1. That's about $70 less than mine - and we'll probably use it about the same amount. Way to be resourceful!!

  2. Wow really nice ride. I'm jealous. Great score.

  3. I didn't even know they made strollers like that! I want to be pushed around in one. :) Nicky's stroller is a super old navy blue graco. I'm not even gonna tell him about your son's sweet ride.

    thanks for the cherry blossom idea for my lamp...I think you're right! and woot! wisconsin! :)