Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What A Bust

I need some new inventory. Right now! I am so sick of relisting the same crap time after time. When are garage sales going to start around here?

I was looking forward all week to going to Goodwill today and that was a total bust. I don't know what is going on there but some of their prices are off the wall. I found a pair of Harley Davidson boots (woman's size 9 1/2) which fit me and I looked at the price $39.99 Yeah, not happening. There were some other boots for $49.99 not Harley though. I'm not sure of the brand. Their prices for knick knacks went up as well. There was this cute glass cow but for $4.99 I wasn't about to take a chance on it. I guess I am still spoiled by my favorite thrift store pricing and even they are getting high. There was also a talking Sully for $6.99. It needed batteries but I wasn't sure if it would work. You can return items but only for store credit and it is such a hassle.

So what did I end up buying? A primary yellow Cinderella bowl for my sister ($2.99) a pair of shorts for myself ($2.50) and this odd little wooden book. I got it for Ryker but thought I would try selling it on Ebay first. I have never seen a book like this before.

Each page is made of wood and tied together by a thin rope. Each animal has a spot where your child can pet it.

I have it listed at auction here. I have also started offering daily deals for Facebook followers. Please like my page here to see my deals. Thanks to Thrift Core for the idea. You can visit her page here to see her daily deals.


  1. Our Goodwill recently had a makeover. Honestly- I thought it looked just fine and thought they wasted money. Now their prices have went up. I'm not the only one who has noticed. I've heard others shopping there making comments.

  2. My boys had that book. Just tried to sell it at our kids sale. Neat little book.