Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I wasn't going to go to the thrift store yesterday because it is so difficult to go with both boys. My one child is deaf and the other doesn't listen. So together in a thrift store is a nightmare. I went anyways and Robbie (my child who is deaf) found another lite brite. He has always been fascinated with lights ever since he was a baby. He also likes view masters and those toy computers.

Their plush bin was over flowing and it was hard to sort through especially since Ryker decided to run all over the store and not stay in the toy aisle. (yes, I am one of those parents. Sorry about that) He is usually good about not bothering people and putting things back.

Anyways, here is what I found. Does anyone recognize this monkey? The tag was removed.

The tag on this puppy read C.C. I'm assuming it is Carlton Cards but if I am wrong, please correct me.

Angry Bird Pig

I have sold this bear once before. He seems to be a decent seller. He is by Fisher Price.

I'm surprised that Barney still sells. I'm not sure what this one does as I have not tested him yet. I also found a Barney blanket but it was stained so it is in the wash.

Some Easter bunnies. They are Walmart brand so I'm sure they are not worth much but they are pretty cute.

I found a set of Old Maid cards. There are a couple missing but I couldn't resist. The graphics are awesome.

I thought these bracelets were cute. I tried one on in the store and had a hard time getting it off. They are made from soda can tabs. I thought of making some and selling them on Ebay but there isn't much money to be made with them.

and who can resist Rainbow Brite. I'm not good at putting puzzles together but the bottom was marked "all pieces here" so I hope that is accurate.

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  1. OMG, the fisher price bear almost made me tear up. My youngest son had one he called Snuggly, he carried that thing with him everywhere. He even used to sneak him in his book bag at elementary school!

  2. re: Barney. I wasn't sure about Barney, either, but I found a nice Barney jack-in-the-box that worked and sold it for 8.99 pretty quickly. Pd. only 2.98. I probably underpriced it. I had a feeling that Barney might sell b/c it's kind of unusual right now. Let me know how yours goes.

  3. I blogged about Old Maid cards too, you're right the graphics are sweet!

  4. Love the rainbow bright puzzle, and always love finding old maid cards, the artwork on them is glorious!

  5. pretty nice blog, following :)