Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ebay Auctions: Maybe Things Are Looking Up

If every weekend on Ebay would go this well, I would be one happy girl. I sold more this weekend, then I did the entire month of June. Unfortunately, price wise, I did not do so well. I sent over 300 items to auction, which ended this weekend. Of those, I sold around 31. 10% sell through rate, I'm not sure if that is good or bad?

Since I did auctions, I priced them low to move them out. The average selling price was around $4 an item. Not much profit but most of the items were going to be donated or sent to consignment. It took me less than 2 hours to pack and label everything so if I think about it, I made around $50 an hour.

I did make some mistakes by sending a few things to auction that I should not have. One is this Tyco Kitty Kitty. It sold for one bid of $19.99 It can easily sell BIN for twice that amount.

The second was a stencil kit by Tupperware. It sold with 2 bids at $20.50 Again this can go for twice, maybe even 3 times that amount.

The last mistake was this Lalaloopsy doll. I'm really not sure what I could have got BIN because prices are all over the place. I meant to start the opening bid at $9.99 but somehow put $4.99 and $9.99 BIN. Some bought it at the BIN price. I'm happy with the $9.99 because she was in the bag to go to consignment and I would not have made that much there.

I did have one auction that surprised me. I bought a bag of trivets and this little mini decoration frying pan was inside. I listed it for $9.99, the same price as the other trivets. This one sold and the others did not. What makes this sale more awesome, is it is being sent to a True Value store in my state.

Ebay is doing another auction special until the 29th. This time they have included fixed price but in only select categories.


  1. Glad to hear your sales are picking up. I have two of those Lalaloopsy dolls that I can't seem to move. I don't know if they aren't as popular as they used to be or if maybe there are so many available that they just take a while to move, or what. I'm hoping if they aren't sold before, that they'll move during the Christmas season.

    1. I've had better luck selling the mini Lalaloopsy dolls than the full-size ones. I picked up one full-size Lalaloopsy that had an incomplete outfit so I listed the clothes and doll separately. The clothes sold, doll still hasn't.

  2. So glad to see you had a bunch of sales. I hope that's a good sign for everyone. :-)