Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scary Puppy and Some Other Finds

The other day I posted about hiding a few things at the thrift store in the hopes of going back for them. This is one of the items I hid. A puppy nodder from Japan.

I didn't hide this. I like these spinner cups and have sold a few so maybe this one will sell too.

These vintage shot glasses are not worth much but I added them to my Etsy shop to get more items there. When my vintage items expire on Ebay, I will list them on Etsy. I wish I knew how to get more traffic to my shop.

These elves are not worth much but I thought they were cute. I listed them on Etsy as well. This was my attempt of making an artsy picture for Etsy.

I try to list my finds on Ebay right away and then put them in my Ebay room. Unfortunately, I waited too long to list these (I found 3) and Ryker managed to spill pizza roll fillings on the back of each card. ~sigh~

When I purchased this, the clerk asked me if it was for a pet. (It clearly says in the warning baby but whatever) I had to explain it was a seat to help your baby sit up. She then looked at me weird but didn't say anything else. I wasn't trying to be artsy for this photo. It was too big for my photo cube and you could see the unpainted sides of the cube so I cropped that out.

I love finding vintage Fisher Price toys. I'm hoping this sells soon. It is missing some instruments and the drum strap is gone.

and one last thing. I know nothing about these but I got them for a steal. I have not listed them yet so if anyone knows what a good price is, let me know. Thanks


  1. My sales are super slow too. Do you pin items on Pinterest? I pinned a necktie that had been in my eBay store for months and it sold the next day.

  2. I got that exact same mug at my goodwill this week! Hopefully they are good sellers!

  3. I stash stuff for later at the thrift store, too. I call it "Nest Building".

  4. Bakugan case on is for $29.99 +shipping. Bakugan balls usually are more valuable with cards. I live in Latvia and there one Bakugan ball with card is for ~$14-16