Monday, August 26, 2013

Ugly Sells

I always hear people say on the fb ebay groups that ugly sells. I haven't bought anything ugly for resell but I am guilty of buying ugly things. Case in point, my purchase from the thrift store this afternoon.

I saw it on Saturday 30 minutes before the shop was to close. I debated about getting it then and ending up purchasing a stuffed animal instead. (which isn't ugly but quite cute)

The thrift store is closed on Sundays, but I couldn't help thinking I should have bought it. I figured it would still be there on Monday morning and if I got there when the store opened, I could purchase it. Unfortunately, it rained all morning and I wasn't able to go. Finally, around noon, it had dried up enough to walk over there. I thought surely someone had snatched it up but there it was sitting in all it's orange glory.

Ryker tested. Ryker approved.

It also rocks and matches my ugly couch.


  1. Haha

    Those are ugly! I let my girlfriend do the buying of furniture, but it CANNOT be ugly :-).

    I have only bought an ugly Christmas sweater a few months back. I'm still waiting for it to sell. I think it will closer to the Christmas season.

  2. Hey, that's not ugly. Its vibrant...