Monday, September 23, 2013

Half Price Sale At The Thrift

Last Thursday through Saturday, my local thrift store had their half off price sale. They have been running this sale every other month. About a month and a half ago, I noticed a Schwinn bike there. I really wanted it but did not want to pay the full asking price. So I patiently awaited the day they would do half off. I checked every time I went there to make sure the bike was still there. My plan was to go right away when they opened and snatch the bike. The day arrived and unfortunately when the store opened, it was raining. I did not feel like going in the rain and figured if the bike wasn't there in the afternoon, then it wasn't to be. Two hours after the store opened, I was pedaling away on my new bike.

I also bought this decoration for my kitchen. I posted it on my fb garage sale group but so far no interest.

On Friday, I went back and bought some tape stories. Since there are a lot of teachers on my fb garage sale group, I thought for sure these would sell quickly. Nope. I have 20 different stories and I will probably end up posting them as a lot on Ebay.

I got some clothes for Ryker and Robbie but really did not find much for resale. They don't have much for toys and most of their plush is beanie babies. Oh well maybe next time.


  1. Oh my...I have bike envy!!! It was meant for you.
    Would those tapes work in a Fisher Price kids cassette player? Would you split them up?

  2. Cool! I've seen many people around here riding those retro bikes. There aren't many hills so there's not much need for a 10 speed I guess.

  3. Nice bike. I love when things work out like that.