Wednesday, December 23, 2015

50% Off Sale

The thrift store by my house has been running a 50% off sale. I went Monday and yesterday but didn't find much. Most of their Christmas stuff was gone and the stand I wanted was in someone's cart.

I normally don't pick up troll dolls but these were marked Dam and I read they are good sellers. I guess I shall see. These are from 1986 though.

I got this car hauler and bag of cars for ryker. Most of their toys were gone.

I got this picture for my kitchen. It fell off the wall last night but luckily it didn't break.

This New Jersey Devils jacket I'm selling on ebay. I have good luck selling the Starter jackets and I hope this sells quickly.

This desk I picked up on Friday with my sister for Robbie. It's from the Bassett company and is well made.

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  1. I love the desk! You had some good finds at the thrift store!