Saturday, May 28, 2016

Garage Sale, Estate Sale Thrift Store Finds

I haven't done a find post in quite some time. Here are some items I purchased from garage and estate sales, the thrift store and Goodwill.

I saw this clock a few months back at an estate sale but didn't buy it. It showed up later at the thrift. The chicken shakers are from Goodwill.

I recently started collecting Pyrex. I got the orange and green dots bowl at a garage sale. I also have an extra orange that I found at the consignment shop.

The pink gooseberrgooseberries were also from a garage sale. I had to make an offer on those. I hate when sellers don't price their items. You obviously know what you want so why not price it. I also bought the owls at a different sale.

I bought the 503 dish from ebay and the smaller one came from the garage sale where the dots were. I also got the yellow dish there and I found 2 strawberries at the thrift store. I'm selling one on ebay.

Owl, stool and cups from garage sale. Mug tree came from an estate sale.

I named my rooster Clarence. I'd like to get him framed and hung on the wall. Right now, he is on the counter under the cabinets.

I'm selling the glass hen candy dish on ebay. Hopefully, I can hang the rooster shelf soon. I'm not sure what the silver shelf is for but it does a great job of displaying my bowls and casseroles.

I love this utensil holder but apparently I'm not handy enough to hang it straight.

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  1. I love seeing all of your finds! My daughter recently started collecting Pyrex also! I love those dot bowls! ~~Pam