Saturday, February 3, 2018

Would You Have Bought It? Repurposed Sewing Machine

Earlier this week, the estate company I follow on Facebook posted this repurposed sewing machine available at their upcoming sale.

 I asked my sister if she would take me. This was pretty much the only thing that caught my eye. The sale opened at noon but my sister works until 1. I told my husband about the sale and without my knowledge, he had gone when it opened. He texted me the price of the table, $55 In the photo, I thought the top was wood. It is actually marble. I asked my husband if he could buy it for an early Valentines Day gift. He paid for it and I had to pick it up with my sister. I'm glad he got it because after he paid for it, a lady was looking at it and wanting to buy it. At theses sales, you pull the tag on the furniture in order to buy it and my husband had already done so. The lady should have realized it was sold.

Anyways, my sister picked me up and after looking around for a bit, we told the cashier we were there for the sewing machine table. The house was located on a cul de sac and my sister parked on the road running parallel to it. It was quite the walk in negative weather. The top wasn't screwed to the base so I was able to carry that and my sister took the bottom. I felt bad for her because she didn't have any gloves.

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  1. Great buy...the marble alone would have cost more than that. I have 2 that I was lucky to get for free. The heavy glass for one cost $50 so I'd say you got a sweet valentine bargain. I'M thinking of using the two as a base for a dining table when I find the right recycled wood piece. Way to go!!