Monday, August 3, 2020

Rock Gardens

A few people in our town have created rock gardens in their yards. You can leave rocks, take a rock or exchange rocks.

This morning, I saw a post where Patrick was added to a rock garden. I decided to walk over there with both my children and exchange our rock for Patrick. Unfortunately, I misjudged the distance from our house to this garden.

After walking a hour, we arrived. Not only was Patrick there, but Spongebob! We had 6 rocks to exchange but only took these three.

Patrick and Spongebob are chilling in my fish bowl along with some cloud rocks I found awhile back. 

Now to find Squidward, Gary, Mr Krabs, and Sandy.


  1. That's terrific! I am a rock painter and contribute to a local rock garden on occasion. Check out my work on FB (Painted Rocks by Lorraine) or instagram (painted_rocks_by_lorraine).

  2. My grandkids LOVE Spongebob and after watching probably every episode ever made, my husband and I love it too. In fact, I named my cat GARY lol.