Sunday, February 16, 2014

Auctions Meh

Why do I fall for it every time Ebay has an free auction listing special? From past experience, I should know by now that auctions simply do not work for me. This time, Ebay let you list up to 1000 auctions each day for 10 days. Since a lot of my listings were ending soon, I decided to change them to auction. Right now I have over 300 auctions with only one item with one bid. I just don't get it. I started the majority of my auctions at $9.99 with $3 shipping. Most of it is plush or clothing. My mugs I started at the same price but with calculated shipping. Maybe my items are not good for auctions?

I have more listings that are ending in under 8 days. I could change them to auction for 5 days and once those expire, I can relist at another 7 days. Therefore giving me 12 days of free listings but I wonder if it is worth the time and effort?

Some items I have up for auction:

Kenner R2 D2 Radio Controlled Figure

Eddie Bauer Goose Down barn jacket This has some damage so I'm not sure if it will sell.

Vtg purse

Christmas Story t shirt

Cartman Plush

Baby Blanket

To bid on these items or to see my other auctions, click here


  1. I fell for the offer to but I don't have a store so I take advantage of any free listings I can get.

  2. I had an offer for free auctions. I ignored it. Like you said, auctions are not for me. I do better with BIN. Hope you have good luck with some more items getting bids.

  3. I wish I had more luck with BIN. I currently only list auction style but have been considering listing BIN since I have subscribed to a store finally!