Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Final Feb 1 - Feb 7 2014

Still pretty slow on Ebay. I had one sale on Bonanza this week and one on Etsy. I sold 8 on Ebay. Unless noted, items had free shipping. One person has not paid yet.

Kitty kitty Kitten Tyco $48.97

Wild Puffalump Panda $41.99

St Johns Bay Purse $32.99

Monterey Melmac dishes Best Offer $25

Conair sound machine $20.99

Camp Snoopy drinking glass $16.99

Wooden miniatures $12.99 (These actually sold when I did my $2 auctions for $2 but the buyer never paid so the item was relisted at BIN and sold the next day.

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  1. You find the most amazing plush. How do you do it?

  2. Great sales~ your posts always inspire me to think-out-the-box with my pop culture hunting!