Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thrifty Finds

New color this week at the thrift store. Purple tags were half off.

Yes, those are granny panties sitting on my table. Some of them can go for big money. I put best offer on mine hoping I can get a good price.

I thought these bookends were cool.

I can't resist vintage aprons. I might put these in my Etsy shop.

Some vintage lacing blocks

More plush

Air Force coffee mug

Marine Corps mug

and of course, the granny panties

All items are available for sale in my Ebay store here


  1. I lust over the pinnies , but sadly they just dont come big OH would give birth if he walked in the kitchen and id turned into his mother...he he he

  2. I love that Sesame Street Grover! I buy the granny panties too but sure do get strange looks at estate sales. rotfl