Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dismal Sales More Retail Therapy

I don't know what the heck is happening with my Ebay store. I ran a traffic report yesterday and it said I had 529 page views for the month of January. In December, I had 3,305. I thought ok maybe the time of year. People are paying their credit card bills and have stopped shopping. But then I looked at last years page views 4,540 Ummm, yeah something is seriously wrong on the bay. Anyone else experiencing little to no traffic? How can I sell anything if I'm not getting any page views?

There is a theory that the more you list, the more you sell. Right now I'm at over 600 items, a significant increase compared to last year at this time. I look at other sellers items that are similar to mine and they are selling. Why aren't mine selling? I pinterest, tweet and advertise my listings on Facebook. I tweek my listings, run sales and still little to nothing. What else can I do?

Guess I can shop and increase my inventory for when the buyers return. Yesterday, I went to the thrift store to look for a Ty Boos I saw there a few days back. Apparently, these Boos can go for big money. I did find him but of course he is one that isn't a high seller. Oh well maybe next time. Here's some things I found. A lot were half off as they were the color tag of the month.

The Snuggle bear is recalled so I can not sell that. The recall says the eyes and nose fall off. I tried pulling them off without success. Little kids must be chewing them off or something. The books and the alligator pull toy are for Ryker. I got the baby bottle because it goes with something I bought awhile ago but I can't remember what. The brown bear is the Ty Boos Honey bear.

I can't resist vintage plush so I bought the koala bear even though she is missing her baby. Maybe I will get lucky and find it another time. The monkey is called Little Monkey Lost. I looked at solds and some seem to go for good money. Except mine of course.

I'm seriously thinking of keeping the nail art train picture. It's kind of cool. I haven't researched it yet.

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  1. I don't sell very often, so I don't have a lot of advice.

    Although, the little advice I have:

    [1] Join in weekly linkups - like THRIFTASAURUAS on a regular basis - draw people to your blog, hopefully to your store.
    [2] It's hard to navigate to your eBay store on your blog. The slideshow, the only thing with the eBay logo isn't able to be clicked on, except on the very small logo in the top left corner. I would suggest putting an image like this under your "MY EBAY STORE" heading making both the image & the text you already have able to be clicked... it will make your store more visible on your blog.

    I wish you luck on drawing more people to your store & luck in sales!

  2. Train looks kinda "steam punk" which is a really hot thing right now!

  3. I'll never understand why we go through periods of nothing nothing nothing and then all of a sudden sales start coming in. Maybe you can call cust service and they can "turn your open sign on" for you. Other people have tried that and it seemed to work for them.
    Also, I agree with Sally Gere, list that train with the word Steampunk in the title. It's cool!

  4. every month i get threatening emails from ebay saying i havent paid my fees and my auctions have been downgraded.....every month my fees have been paid , i ring them they give me free listings yet again , it drives me mad