Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday Finds

Some stuff  I came across the last few days. Yesterday was pretty much a bust but I did find this vintage coat that I thought about keeping until I saw they can sell for $50+ I listed mine high with best offer.

I also found this Hi Ho Cherry O game from the 60's I was surprised to see all the cherries were there. I failed to notice one of the buckets was broken and repaired. Check out the sweet graphics.

Some stuff I found last week. Although I do not have any luck selling dolls, I had to rescue these Cabbage Patch ones. I spent more than I cared too Between $2.99 and $4.99 but look at those sweet little faces.

I thought the My Child doll was the one that sold for good money. Nope the ones with the cloth face sell better. I think I may have put Best Offer on her as well. The other two are CPK for toddlers.

Lil Miss makeup Doll from Mattel. Unfortunately, her makeup doesn't respond to water anymore but I wonder if any of them still do?

I keep telling myself no more mugs but I couldn't pass up this Sandra Boynton one or the candy container. Maybe I need to stop looking at the aisle until I can sell the 30+ I have listed.

I picked up another set of bookends, this time in Eagle design.

A kitchen plaque I could not resist and some glasses.

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All of these items are up for sale in my Ebay store here


  1. The eagle bookends are so cool and something I definitely would have picked up. The CP dolls are really cute, nice and clean. I prob would have bought those too. Good idea about staying out of the mug aisle. I need to follow that advice too. :-)

  2. Fun finds! Why do the game companies do away with the cute, classic designs? The newer versions cannot compare!

  3. Love the kitchen prayer, eagle, and glasses. Been hanging on to the same lemon/lime ones for a few years but I love 'em ;)