Monday, December 3, 2012

Hey Jealousy

Often times when I read Sir Thrift A Lot's blog, I feel a twinge of jealousy over all the great items he has scored over the past year at thrift stores. Now it's your turn to be jealous, Mr. Thrift. For today I found the ultimate thrifting treasure just in time for Christmas. and it only cost....

So what exactly did I find? A vintage aluminum pom pom Christmas tree in the box. In the box? Yes, you read that correctly.

It even had all it's paper sleeves. Now I need to find one of those elusive color wheels.

linking to Sir Thrift A Lot


  1. Becky!
    Oh! I'll bet your heart went pitter-pat when you saw the box and then the sticker! Oh, yeah...I'ma jealous too!

  2. What a great score! Now the question is.............are you keeping it or putting it on ebay??

  3. Yes, Becky, I am jealous.

    Insanely jealous.

    And I am not being sarcastic.

    You are so lucky with this find, such a great price & item!

  4. Becky-OMG! You found one of the holy grails of thrifting! The illusive pom-pom Xmas tree...$5.99?!?!? Oh, your killing me. And the box is in great condition....I am jealous too!

    BTW-I sold one I'm gonna blog about soon, but ooooh you have the deal of the week!


  5. wow that is a great find! i thought i got a good deal when i found mine for 20 bucks! the thrift gods were smiling at you that day!