Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feedback Removal

Have you ever had a feedback removed on Ebay? In my early days of selling, I received a negative. The seller bought a new with tags talking Piglet. Piglet was huge, over 2 feet sitting. I accepted a Best Offer of $29 and sent Piglet to his new home.

(not picture of item sold)

She received Piglet and a few days later sent me a message demanding to give her a refund of $10 or she would leave me a negative feedback. She said the plush was not new and in fact had several spots on it. She didn't want to return it because it was a gift for her daughter's birthday. Being new to selling, I did not want a negative so I complied. Shortly after, she left the negative with a comment stating the item was not new and $29 was too much to pay for a used toy. What??? I refunded her $10 like she wanted.

I called Ebay and explained what had happened. I told the rep I refunded her the money like she asked and she still left the negative. I said that wasn't fair that people can demand you to do something and when you comply, they leave the negative anyways. He looked at her message and said it was considered feedback extortion and they would remove it. It was removed while I was on the phone.

I haven't had to call again about feedback until yesterday. At the end of August, I won an auction for a Fisher Price A Frame House. I paid and the seller never shipped out. I messaged her twice asking for a tracking number and never got a response. I sent her a message to her personal email and again no response. I felt I had no choice but to open an item not received case.

She never responded to the case and Ebay refunded me the money. After my refund, I left her a negative with this comment: "won auction Paid Never received Ebay refunded me No communication"

Yesterday, I was looking at my purchase history and noticed her feedback was back up to 100% Before I left feedback, she only had a score of 2 so mine dropped her to 50% I clicked on the feedback number which took me to her feedback page. My negative feedback was removed.

I was pissed. This seller chose to ignore me and not ship out my item. I have seen other negative feedback that read item not received so I wasn't sure how my seller got her negative removed. I called Ebay. The first rep I spoke to agreed that it should not have been removed but she needed to transfer me to another rep.

The second rep looked and said since I had put "Ebay refunded me" it was removed because it is against their policy. You can not mention buyer/seller resolution cases in feedback. I told her I saw that all the time in feedback. She put me on hold.

When she returned, she said the feedback was removed automatically because of the issue Ebay had with members not being able to log in to reply to the case or ship out items. (umm you can ship using Paypal or USPS) I find it hard to believe she was locked out the entire duration of the case. Don't you get like 7 days to handle it? I told her if that was the case, the seller must have been blocked out of her email as well because I sent her a personal email. The rep stuttered over her words and said that Ebay could not go by that because they do not have access to our personal emails.

She did say the transaction did affect the sellers standing. (meaning she did receive a defect for item not received) but buyers do not see that. I've been watching her account and so far she doesn't have anything to sell. I should have known better to bid because I had sent her a question she never responded to.

What has been your experience in getting feedback removed? Leave me a comment

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  1. Wow your piglet was *definately* extortion. I have had maybe 6 removed for that??? Your feedback should not have been removed.most ppl put opened case in the fb instead. I can't believe eBay bought the line they were locked out for a week :/