Thursday, April 23, 2015

Furniture Fate

This dresser was at the thrift store by my house for 3 weeks. Last week, the clerk told me they were having a 50% off sale today. I told her that I was going to get there at 9 and get that dresser.

9 came and went and I did not go. I went at 11:45 and the dresser was still there. I asked the manager if the dresser was still for sale. The tag was missing. This shopper overheard me and said she grabbed the tag because she was going to buy it.

Later, I saw her checking out and she said to me "I'm going to pass on the dresser. If you want it, it's yours." I asked the clerk what the price was. Unfortunately at that time, I did not have enough money on me.

I checked out a while later, went home and saw something had sold on eBay for the amount of the dresser. I called the store and asked them to hold it for me. I couldn't pass this up. It was meant to be mine.

The owl clock had been sitting at another thrift store for about 3 weeks as well.


  1. Cute dresser!!!! Glad you were able to make it yours!

  2. Glad you were able to get the dresser! You are like the furniture queen. You must have a huge house!