Saturday, October 10, 2015

Estate Sale

There was another estate sale within walking distance from my house. I didn't find anything reasonably priced for resale but picked up a few things for myself. Here is what I got on Friday.

I have always wanted a big spoon and fork for my kitchen.

I thought this elf was adorable. I also picked up some measuring spoons and a horse shoe.

I only bought this clock because there was a $25 minimum to use a credit card. Later, a member of one of my fb eBay groups said this was illegal. It's a nice clock though and is marked Henry Miller.

Today, I went back and got two of these table lamps. I was deciding between these and another smaller set that was there. A lady said she liked this set better but was glad I was looking at them because she has too many lamps and if I bought them, she couldn't add to her collection.

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