Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Unhappy Mail

UPDATE: The seller refunded my money.

I've been looking for a funny old man toilet paper roll holder for years. I finally gave up hope finding one at the thrifts or garage sales so I checked Ebay. Do you realize how expensive these are?

I found a cheaper one and sent an offer. The seller accepted and shipped it out June 10. I got it today. We aren't even going to discuss how it took 20 days to get from Georgia to Wisconsin. We are going to discuss how it became unhappy mail.

I had a feeling it would arrive damaged. There are chips and cracks. He is too weak to stand and will tip over if one tries to use him.

I contacted the seller but she hasn't responded yet. I do hope she had other insurance because when I went to USPS to file a claim, a red notice appeared saying my item wasn't eligible because it wasn't insured.


  1. Well, that would have certainly been a conversation starter for your guests! It sounds like the seller did right by refunding you. I have been experiencing slow USPS shipping with some of my eBay packages. It's very random, and doesn't seem to have anything to do with distance. As for the reason, I guess it could be any of the number of problems going on in our country right now. Fortunately, as long as I get that acceptance scan when shipping, eBay will back me up. I hope you can find another funny T.P. holder soon!

    1. Thanks. This was sent retail ground and sat four days in Georgia before even moving. I hope I can find another butler soon

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