Thursday, July 2, 2020

What To Sell: Vintage Fisher Price Accessories

A few months ago, I started selling my vintage Fisher Price Little people play sets. My son outgrew them and they were taking up a lot of room. I listed several on ebay but they sat. I then decided to list them on Facebook marketplace for $40 each. They sold quickly but only because they had the accessories.

Over the years, I had collected several people, animals, furniture and vehicles. Whatever was left over from the play sets, I posted on ebay. It filled a 12 x 12 x 8 inch box. I listed them for $199.99 plus shipping and it sold within 24 hours.

Have you listed something that sold quickly? What was it? Drop a comment below.


  1. I sold 150 loose Littlest Pet Shop animals for $250 within 8 minutes of listing them. I was pretty surprised! I'm guessing there was some very collectable ones, but I was satisfied with the sale. Nice that you decluttered your house while putting some cash in your wallet!

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