Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Fantastic Finds

Like my fellow bloggers over at We Sell on Ebay I have decided to do a fantastic finds Friday. I went over to the Dime and Dollar this morning with Robert and Ryker. This is a little farther walk than to my favorite thrift store but I am glad I went. Here is what I got.

I love the vintage table lamp($4.00) and I am going to keep this one to replace the lamp Ryker broke. It is pretty heavy and should be Ryker proof. The Mike plush talks when you move his arm. I'm going to sell him on Ebay in my store. He is for sale on Amazon for $42. I hope to get at least $25 for him. He cost me $1.50

These vintage post cards are unused and were only 10 cents each. They had a shoe box full of cards but Ryker kept throwing things off the shelves and other people were giving me the evil eye so I could not look through the entire box. One is the Gateway to Chinatown in San Francisco, the next is an aerial view of Fisherman's Wharf and the last is a mini album of Sea Life park in Hawaii.

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