Friday, July 8, 2011

My Telephone Seat

Ever since I read Laura's blog over on My Dear Trash, I have become obsessed with finding a telephone seat. Don't ask me why. I do have a landline but there is no jack in my living room so the seat would not be doing its job, but I had to have one. Well yesterday as I was leaving my favorite t.s.,  I spotted one. This one, right here, below.

I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he said make me an offer. I told him I didn't have enough money but I would be back tomorrow (today) with my sister and he told me we could work something out then. All night long I thought about that seat. What if someone else snatched it up before I got there? What if he wanted more than I was willing to pay. The seat is in great condition with a few scratches and when I looked on Ebay, I saw its twin for $79.99 and that was in terrible shape. No way was I willing to even pay half that.

Fast forward to today. My sister picked me up around 1 and we went to get my seat. I went straight for it. I offered the guy $15 and he accepted. Then he told me how they hardly ever come across these and that a few months ago a lady came in and bought this one. She recently moved and redonated it. Then I was thinking, Man I should have offered him less. He already got paid once for it. I wonder how much she paid?  I asked the guy if there was someone who could carry it to the car and guess who shows up? Yup, Mr Creepy from the day before. But now my sister is with me so he starts a conversation with her. Ha ha. You deal with him.

I go to pay for it and put Ryker up on the counter. Apparently, Ryker has monkey arms and hit something on the register that made it ring up to $32 something. The cashier cleared it out but then the boss man gets all pissy about it, gives me the evil eye, and says to him you have to write that down or it won't balance at the end of the night. I apologize like a zillion times but honestly, I don't think Ryker touched the register. I had him quite aways from it, but like I said he has the monkey arms so who knows?

Meanwhile, my sister and creepy guy are trying to load the seat in the trunk of her Ford. I feel bad for leaving her with him but that's the price you pay if you want a great deal. And a great deal I got! Plus I really don't have to redo the seat if I don't want to. I would like to put a different fabric on it, but I am quite lazy. Perhaps I can get my sister to do it?

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  1. WOW $15 that is a deal. And it looks great. We have one my FIL picked up at a flea market for $40 if I remember correctly. It's been years ago. I redid the seat. But just last weekend bought new fabric and plan to replace it. love the cute model <3

  2. Lucky you! You got a steal! Looks like your little cutie likes it too!

  3. What a great find and a wonderful price! I am so happy you found your telehone seat! thank you for joining TTF d have a fantastic day!

  4. awwwww ... my sweet Grandma Marie had one JUST LIKE THIS (except for a funky vinyl covered fabric seat) back in the day. I loved to sit when I visited. Thanks for sharing ~ great memories!