Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift Store finds

Yesterday, Little monkey and I walked over to our favorite thrift store. Although the temperature was a blissfully 75 degrees, it felt alot hotter than that. And of course the t.s is an old warehouse with absolutely no kind of cooling system in place so I was a hot drippy mess. Perhaps smelling bad would deter creepy guy from talking to me. No such luck! I went in a side door and he spotted me right away. I hate to be rude, but I am there to shop not chit chat. Unless you have a great item I might be interested in, I really don't have time for you. Ryker's melt down time is approximately 20 minutes so I have to look quickly. Here is what I found.

A lot of 11 Little Golden Books $1.25
Dora Candy Land Game $.50
Mickey Mouse Yahtzee $.50
Cast iron trivet free
McDonald's Cereal bowl with spoon for Ryker $.25
Stainless steal coffee and tea canisters $1.00
VTG Microscope Lab in steel box $1.00

So total was $4.50 right? Nope. Apparently the cashier failed freshman math because she only charged me $3.69. I didn't realize this while paying because Ryker had already broke down and I wanted to get the hell out of there.


  1. My Mom was a collector of McDonalds items. She'd LOVED that bowl set. ( I had tote after tote of items to sort through when she passed away, she had been collecting since the 60's). Great batch of Golden books.

  2. Mary, I love that bowl as well. I wish I could have found more.