Monday, July 18, 2011

What to buy: character sheets

Whenever I go to Goodwill, I always check out their linen aisle. I am looking for character sheets and pillow cases. It doesn't matter if they are a set, if they are flat or fitted (although in my experience flat single sheets sell better than single fitted sheets) or their size. You want to find sheets with bright colors, little to no piling and no stains or holes. If you do happen to come across a great sheet with stains, you still might consider purchasing it. As long as the whole sheet isn't stained and it's a good price, buy it. Some people use these sheets for craft projects such as shopping totes, backing for quilts and toddler dresses.

Vintage character sheets will get you a higher price. One to look for is the Smurfs. With a new movie coming out, there are sure to be a new generation of Smurf fans. I sold one a few months back for $34.95 You want to list your sheet at BIN with BO. Auctions will most likely not get this high.

Mickey Mouse and Snow White are two other vintage sheets to look for. Make sure you look closely for stains. On my Snow White sheet, there were some small spots I did not see. My buyer did though and returned it for a refund. I relisted it as a cutter and mentioned the stains. The other sheet I sold her was fine and she was happy with that one.

sold for $35

sold for $30

Newer characters can also bring in a profit. I tend to avoid Barbie, Power Puff Girls, Power Rangers and Spiderman. I am sure there are others to avoid but these are the ones I haven't been able to sell. Sponge Bob seems to do well. A lot of buyers make little sundresses out of these sheets. Very cute!

2 sheets sold for $27

Also be on the look out for Cars sheets. With the second movie, a lot of moms are looking for these for thier little Cars fan. These do not get high prices though and sell better as a set. I sold just a flat twin for $10 but the set I doubled my money.

Don't forget the pillow cases. Like the sheets, crafters use these for their projects. Be sure to use cutter and fabric in your title. Moms also buy these to replace the ones their children have. I sold two Care Bear pillow cases for $19.95 to a mom who was very happy to find them.

So there you have it. Be sure to do your research when listing yoursheets to get the best price possible.


  1. love your blog. Great post. I sell on ebay and etsy and this is good info. Thanks

  2. Thanks for this info. I do have a ? though: how about comforters? Do they sell as well? They tend to be more expensive, so I hate to make the initial investment, only to come up on the losing side...I saw two nearly perfect Seven Dwarfs ones today.

  3. Carrie I have only bought one comforter. I dont remember what it was but I think I only made $10 profit on it and that was on Bonanza. I think I would have bought the Seven Dwarfs if the price was right.