Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yes, Yard Sale Mommy, I need a smart phone

A few days ago, Yard Sale Mommy wrote a blog about why one needs a smart phone. You can read about it here. Yes, Yard Sale Mommy, I need a smart phone or at least a phone with internet access. If I had a smart phone, it would have prevented me from buying crap like this.

No, not that Mickey Mouse life jacket. I needed that for Ryker. The other crap. Right there, down in front. Yup those two art books. They even came in a fancy box. Fancy Smancy. They look pretty cool and have some awesome art. They were published in 1971 and are in like new condition. I was hoping they would be worth something, but noooooooooo after checking them on Amazon, they are only worth a few bucks. It hardly even pays to list them. Good thing I am not out alot of money. I only paid $1.60 for everything in the picture.

Yes, Yard Sale Mommy, I need a smart phone. And does anyone want to buy some really old art books?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Becky for the shout out! You are awesome. Hope you do get that phone, it will open doors as far a finding new things to sell.
    Jen (Yard Sale Mommy)