Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yeah Baby 500 feedback

After having an Ebay store for 6 months, I have finally hit 500 501 feedback. Yay me! I wish I could say all of them were positive but I have had 2 neutrals and 1 negative that was removed, so that negative does not count.

My first neutral was a set of baby blankets I sold. The buyer never paid so I had to open a case. I am pretty sure she gave me the neutral just to get back at me for opening a case against her. Petty, I know right? My second neutral was left without the buyer contacting me. This was a lot of Taggies soft cloth books. The buyer in this case claimed the items smelled of smoke. I don't smoke and I wash everything before mailing. So not sure what happened there.

The negative I got removed came from a buyer who bought a Talking Piglet from me. I had listed the plush as new. It still had the tags and its hands were still attached to his feet. (Before playing with it, one would cut the thread attaching the hands to the feet.) Her claim was the item was not new, did not talk and had stains on it. I asked her to return it for a full refund and she refused. She wanted a partial refund of $19. (This would mean Piglet would have cost $10) I told her I would have never accepted an offer that low but I was willing to let her keep the item and I would refund her $9. She accepted this agreement but left me negative feedback anyways. I immediately called Ebay to get it removed. After reading her messages, she had threatened to leave negative feedback if I did not refund her, Ebay sided with me and removed the negative. Plus I got my final value fees back. If she had not threatened the negative feedback, it probably would not have been removed since buyers are free to leave whatever feedback they want. The seller has no choice but to leave positive feedback for the buyer, even if that buyer is the buyer from hell!! It's better to simply not leave them any feedback at all.


  1. What a great accomplishment. It's nice seeing your rating go up! You should do a post on the pros and cons of a Ebay store. I"m so on the fence about it. I defintely list my free 50 a month..but usually do slightly over.

  2. Yay! Congrats on your 500! You know, my mail carrier smokes. I've had quite a few packages arrive at my house smelling like smoke. I wonder if that's what happens with these fools who complain about smoky items when we know they weren't shipped out that way. Hmm...