Thursday, August 18, 2011

And Bingo Was His Name-O

This guy has been bothering me all week. I have debated back and forth about getting him. Today, I decided I was just going to buy him. You never know, someone may want him even though he does not talk.

When I got to the toy section of the thrift store, everything was a mess. I looked in the last place I saw Bingo and darn he wasn't there. They had put out some new bags and boxes of toys so I decided to see what treasures I could find. I found some Barneys and a BJ in one bag but decided against getting them because I am not sure they would sell. Also the one bag of plush smelled real musty like it was out in the rain. Everything was dry but had that rain smell to it. So I passed on the plush in that. I did find the following:

These guys are huge. 28" Almost as tall as Ryker. I must have looked like a crazy person bringing them home though. And of course our neighbor was out in his yard waving at me. If he did not think I was strange before, he does now.

Taking Big Bird and Cookie Monster for a walk

I made my way back to the last place Bingo was seen and started to dig through the plush. Then I saw it. The familiar gray color. I pulled him out from the rubble. I have never been so happy to find something as I was him. You have to admit he is a good looking bear. Here is the rest of my loot from today.

cost $5

Happy thrifting!

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