Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Should I Buy or Not? That is the Question

Yesterday I blogged about how I needed to go back to the thrift store to buy Ryker another stroller. I had managed to break the handle on the one I had. I also mentioned getting a vintage plush. I got the stroller.

but I left the plush there. Now I am doubting myself once again. Here is someone else's listing for the plush I am debating about. Click here It is a 1986 Hasbro Bingo the Bear. He is suppose to talk and you can put your hand in his head and use him as a puppet. The problem with the one at the thrift store is the back part of the battery compartment is missing. Unfortunately, you need this part to make the batteries work. This would be listed as a non working bear. One sold for $20 something that was not working. And the above listing is missing his voice box. My question to you is "Should I buy the bear?" I think I can get him for less than $2. What are your thoughts? Thanks


  1. Have you seen this? They try to buy Bingo bears on Ebay and they have a facebook group. So it could be worthy. http://www.bingobear.com/

  2. If you can get it for under $2, I would give it a shot. List it as non-working (detailing the battery compartment issue) but keep the price in the $20 range. I think turning $2 into $20 is decent.

  3. Thank you for visiting my Rock4Today blog, and wishing you much success in your ebay business venture. Your kids are lucky to have their mom available!