Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Much For Resale

Even though my back was hurting, I took the 2 terrors younger children to the thrift store. Robbie usually picks out some things for himself. Today, he found a broken electronic game, a telescope and a NIP Blossom viewmaster disks. I tried to talk him out of the disks, but he loves his viewmasters and wouldn't put them back. He usually gets what he picks out for free, so I don't mind letting him get what he wants.

Of course, the microwave turntable is not the right one for my microwave but I managed to make it work. Not much here for resale. I was going to sell the brown bear with the book but on closer inspection, the book is in terrible shape. I thought I had a better one here at home but it too is not in great shape, so the bear will go on its own.  There is also a Barbie ornament I will sell and a Harry Potter puzzle. I haven't counted the pieces to the puzzle yet but the box was taped shut so hopefully all the pieces are there. The completeds are horrible but maybe closer to Christmas, this will sell.

Creepy guy was doing the check out today. In case you missed my creepy guy blog, click here. He actually overcharged me! But the nice lady there gave Ryker a free bottle of water so I guess that made up for it. Oh and I have to go back tomorrow. I managed to break the handle of Ryker's stroller from possibly leaning on it too much. Piece of crap. There is also a vintage plush I should have bought. If it is still there, I will show you a picture tomorrow.

Happy Thrifting.

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