Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodwill Finds Sunday

I wanted to go to Goodwill today to take advantage of the half off color tag prices. Each Sunday they change the colors and this weeks color was blue. I found a few items but most I paid full price. Here is what I got:

I was excited to find the Build A Bear Buzz Lightyear Costume. It is missing the hood and boots but I think I can still get $7- $9 for it.

I found two sets of sheets: a vintage Strawberry Shortcake Twin Flat and a twin set of Finding Nemo.  There was another full size Strawberry Shortcake sheet there but the pattern was so big I do not think anyone could use it for crafts and trying to sell a sheet to use as a sheet takes awhile. I try to look for either complete sets (these sell well) or sheets with small patterns that would make good dresses or grocery totes.

The pants I bought for Robbie. Unfortunately, he must have grown some this summer as they are too short. I also found 2 AC/DC band tshirts. I thought the first one was vintage but after purchasing it I saw the tag read 2007. I hope to get at least $10 each for these.

The puzzles I will sell in a lot. They are the stiff cardboard type and I really hope they are not the ones from the dollar store as I am hoping to make more than $1 a piece for them.

Happy thrifting

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