Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday finds

This is what I got today for 2 bucks!

The musical pretend cd player Robbie is keeping. It is quite annoying and I now realize why it was donated. (It is so loud!) He had picked it up last time we went and I made him put it back. I let him have it today. William had asked me to pick up a pie pan and I actually found one. Most of the books I am keeping either for Ryker or selling when I get a lot.

I am selling the kangaroo and Sully plush in my Ebay store. I sold a similiar kangaroo last week for $19.99 - shipping on Addoway so I was happy to find another one. At first, the baby was missing and I had to dig around to find him. If I had not found him, I would have left the kangaroo there as I do not think she will sell without her baby.

I found four of these napkins. I think they are vintage as they look old to me. Either way, they are really cool and in great shape. These are also being sold in my Ebay store.

These are all the books I found. I have been wanting to get Ryker a coloring book and this Halloween one was never used. There were some more coloring books but they had some pages colored in. Why do people donate used, colored in coloring books? The Wall E book I am adding to my lot of Little Golden Books and when I have about 25, I will sell them all on Ebay. I am also starting a lot of Care Bear Books and The Berenstain Bears books.

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  1. Super finds and lots of fun hunting too! Enjoy your treasures and have a wonderful day!

  2. The napkins are fun! Great bargains.

    I know what you mean about the coloring books. Makes you wonder what folks are thinking when they donate. (Like USED and shabby bathroom mats? Seriously??)

  3. The napkins are so cool! Definitely a good find.