Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fabulous Finds

I found some good stuff  in the pass week.

I've always wanted one of these vintage record holders. This one needs to be stained but the price was right. I'm thinking of putting Ryker's story books in the slots.

This was an impulse buy. I originally went into the consignment shop to see if I had any money in my account. It was a steal and all I had to do was put three missing bolts on the bottom to fix it. It barely fit into my sister's clown car but I was determined to make it happen even if it meant being squished in the back with my two children.

I love this bathroom shelf but unfortunately the only wall it would fit on was the wall next to the toilet. My husband said "Great now I'm going to hit my head every time I use the bathroom" Well, honey, I hung it up high enough and the only way that is possible is if you are standing on the toilet and leaning to the left.

Some monkeys for my desk. I priced these super high on Ebay so I could keep them for awhile but not be a hoarder because they are listed.

And some cute little cupcake/muffin dolls. Also listed on Ebay and the first doll has already sold and will be on her way to France in the morning.

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  1. Cherry merry muffin dolls! I have a bucket of them but unable to sell them :(