Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday Find

Yesterday, my hubby took me over to Goodwill. This hardly ever happens without me asking to go. Plus we had two of our children with us. I'm glad we went because I finally found the kitchen chairs I have been searching for.

Now of course convincing my hubby to purchase another set of chairs is a different story. They were only $3.99 a piece. I told him I could easily sell the other kitchen chairs plus the extra table we had on Facebook. He agreed to get them but he wans't helping me take them to the check out. (yeah he can be a brat) I managed to get two into the cart and dragged the other two behind me. I was so happy with myself, I became thrift store blind and did not see how filthy they were. I actually thought they were a beige color until after I cleaned them and they turned white!

Before cleaning:

Dirt closeup:

on left is after being cleaned, and right is prior to being cleaned

All nice and clean at my table:


  1. How lucky to find the perfect chairs to go with your table...and so inexpensive too!

  2. Oh my those are just perfect. And a great price. Your hubby should be grateful that you are so thrifty and stop being a brat. I would love to find some like those for my daughter.

  3. It looks like they were made to go with that table.Awesome.