Sunday, June 2, 2013

VTG Red Star Cap Guns

About a week ago I found 2 vintage Red Star cap guns at Goodwill. Since I do not have a smart phone, I took a chance on them and bought them. I wanted to list them at acution, so I waited until today to do so.

They are in very good shape and work. I thought for sure they would be good sellers and perhaps a bidding war would ensue. Can you list cap guns on Ebay? Since it is a toy, I thought so. Well, I learned the hard way. One can not sell these types of toys unless they have a permanently affixed orange plug at the end of the barrel. My listing was pulled and I went from High Policy Compliance to Low Compliance within a few hours of listing. HIGH TO LOW!! WTH? No warning, nothing.

In 1988, the federal Government passed a law stating that any toy gun manufactured after the bill passed had to have an orange plug built into it. What about all the toy guns manufactured before this bill passed? They too must have some type of orange plug permanently affxed before they can be sold on the secondary market. How many people actually know this?

I called Ebay to appeal my Low Compliance rating. I understand the need to remove my listing but to slap me with a low right away seems a little harsh. I have not had any other violations in over two years. I love how buyers can bid on things and not pay or bid on multiple auctions of the same item and than just pay the lowest bid and they don't get slapped with anything but us sellers mess up one time and we are grounded and sent to Ebay jail? Seriously, sellers are what keeps Ebay in business. Without anything to sell, there would be no buyers. Why not think about that Ebay?

If you are listing a cap gun, be sure all your photos show the entire gun and plug. No close up photos showing details. Plus you need to add a statement similar to this:

This is non-firing toy cap gun that conforms to USA laws & eBay rules with an orange barrel plug (as seen in all photos of the gun). This Toy cannot be made to fire lethal projectiles. USA Shipping only.


  1. So what did eBay say when you called them?
    Geez, I never knew about this rule. Thanks for posting.

  2. I had a listing violation once, but my compliance level didn't change. I had a warning on my dashboard though that stayed there for 90 days.

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