Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Ebay Hoard Storage Solution

Now that we have a bigger house, I don't have to find places to stash my Ebay inventory. I have my own room plus a closet. I'm not sure if I posted this before, but here it is.

This is my shipping supply closet. My sister gets all the packing foam sheets from her work for free. I'm not sure if they throw it away in the regular trash or if it gets recycled.

I keep my poly mailers and flat rate envelopes in this cupboard.

I keep all my inventory upstairs in a spare bedroom. I use a bin system and each bin is marked with a number. I love the shelving so I don't have to unstack bins.


  1. I will throw out there you are very lucky nd I'm a little jealous. My house is teensy tiny lol

  2. oh wow Becky, how nice !!
    I would love to have an extra room and all that storage space for resell stuff!!